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Thu, 1 May 1997 22:22:10 -0400 (EDT)

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> In a message dated 97-05-01 15:58:44 EDT, Scott David wrote:
> << The very most selective private schools (the ones that cost $10,000 per
> year) will gladly take the $6,000 vouchers and raise their tuition to
> $16,000 -- this allows them to remain just as "selective" (keeping the
> lower classes out) whilst not economically inconveniencing their rich
> clientelle. >>
> But, Scott, my proposal was that if a school participated in the voucher
> program then it had to take the voucher as a FULL tuition. Your example
> wouldn't be possible under this plan.

I will grant that this makes _somewhat_ more sense... Of course, on the
other hand, we'd be telling schools that operate JUST FINE on $4,000 per
pupil like SVS that they'll get $6,000 anywho... So they'd be less
efficient and use up still MORE taxpayer dollars.

And I still hold to my worst-case-scenario as a fairly strong possibility...

> Alan

--Scott David Gray
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