Re: the right to purse excellence

SwiftRain (
Thu, 01 May 1997 13:10:16 -0400

Dale R. Reed wrote:
> No we don't want vouchers and Charter Schools and What we want is
> the Separation of School and State.

Dale, I agree that we should have that as our final goal. In fact,
being an Anarchist, my final goal is the _elimination_ of the State.
But having a goal does not mean that we should ignore the intermediate
steps and complain whenever the government or the people make any move
at all because it's "not good enough."
Vouchers and Charter Schools are better than the current public
school system. They are a step in the direction of freedom and personal
The people are not going to tommorow, or ever, throw out the entire
public school system in one huge leap. Vouchers are a step towards
abandoning central control and funding of the education of children, and
we can and should support it wholeheartedly without abandoning our
deeper values.


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