Re: the right to pursue excellence

Deborah Bartle (
Thu, 01 May 1997 07:44:23 -0700

Hello again. Well..I must confess that I see the world through the eyes
of a fiscally conservative moderate capitalist stay-at-home mother who
at this point can't afford low private school tuition, either. It would
be nice to receive a $4K check, per child, per year. But at who's cost?
I respect the 'rich'. I what to be just like them. I will create what I
want by old fashioned hard work. There is 'enough' to go around for all.

When my husband and I built our home, before we could start construction
we had to drive a $6000.00 check over to the County office of education.
Our children will never use primary public education. That is not fair.

I agree that "We the People", have agreed to support our republic with our
tax money, which, IMO, should encompass defense and infrastructure. Not
allopathic medicine or education. Our government has grown leaps and bounds
beyond what our forefathers had in mind, without ending poverty, as promised.

> The government (ie -we, the people) rightly "confiscates money to provide for
> public safety. It can certainly be argued that being educated (ie - not
> ignorant) is the primary way to keep safe.) In addition, it is only by
> pooling money from lots of people that we can make sure that EVERYONE can
> afford to get educated.