Re: the right to pursue excellence
Thu, 1 May 1997 07:20:22 -0400 (EDT)

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<<How about the government confiscating less of 'our' money and empower
parents be the experts and send all children to non-government private
schools of our personal choice, religious or otherwise? >>

The government (ie -we, the people) rightly "confiscates money to provide for
public safety. It can certainly be argued that being educated (ie - not
ignorant) is the primary way to keep safe.) In addition, it is only by
pooling money from lots of people that we can make sure that EVERYONE can
afford to get educated. It would be a possibility for me to apply my tax
money to my kids' tuition. There are thousands upon thousands of others who
don't earn enough money to pay enough taxes for it to matter one way or the

> rich couldn't just use the voucher to make their tuitions lower at fancy
> schools that charge way more.

<< Who are these 'rich'? If they're so rich they're not gonna be too
concerned with the government's pittance. >>

These "rich" are those who now can affor to send their kids to $15-20,000 a
year schools. They would certainly like a $4-7,000 voucher toward that cost
(how do you think they got that way anyway?!). I just don't think that a
school that charges high costs just to be elitist should get money from all
of us. Their clients are wealthy enough to support them.