Re: the right to pursue excellence

Deborah Bartle (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 22:41:28 -0700 wrote:
> If vouchers were allowed, so that everyone could afford what we now
> call "private schools", then the problem would be solved. In this way,
> all schools would become (or could become) "public schools", since they
> would be funded publically. Yes, I know that there would be details to
> be ironed out, such as religious schools, etc., but I do believe that
> they can be worked out.

How about the government confiscating less of 'our' money and empower
parents be the experts and send all children to non-government private
schools of our personal choice, religious or otherwise?

> rich couldn't just use the voucher to make their tuitions lower at fancy
> schools that charge way more.

Who are these 'rich'? If they're so rich they're not gonna be too
concerned with the government's pittance.