Re: the right to purse excellence

Dale R. Reed (
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 21:58:40 -0700 wrote:
> Given the current state of funding for public and private schooling in this
> country, that sad state of affairs is bound to continue. The fallacy lies in
> assigning the responsibility for it to the private schoolers. If vouchers
> were allowed, so that everyone could afford what we now call "private
> schools", then the problem would be solved. In this way, all schools would
> become (or could become) "public schools", since they would be funded
> publicly. Yes, I know that there would be details to be ironed out, such
> as religious schools, etc., but I do believe that they can be worked out.


> Any takers?

Can't think of a better way of killing innovation in education. I would
assume that Sudbury Valley and other such schools would refuse to test
and whatever other requirements would come with the government money so
then some of their parents would move their children to a "free" public
school. And the cost of all private schools that were willing to
compromise would go up.

Come on Alan, there is no free lunch. With government money comes
government controls. At least I hope so for it is my money and I
certainly would expect my representatives to spend it wisely. ha! ha!

No we don't want vouchers and Charter Schools and What we want is the
Separation of School and State. Dale

Seattle Washington U.S.A.