Re: Sudbury as community
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 00:17:59 -0400

I've been traveling for several weeks to different conferences, the
last of which was the National Coalition of Alternative Community
Schools so I didn't have a chance to answer the post from the
Children's School, in Evanston. I came back from the conference by train
with eleven members of the Global Free School in Japan, who have
been sleeping in sleeping bags at my house this week! They will
be leaving tomorrow for the Akwesasne Freedom Schoool, the
Free School in Albany, and Sudbury Valley, then elsewhere around
the country.

I have some ideas for the Evansville School but would need more
specific information. For example, would erecting a building
be an option? If so, I know someone who has a franchise on very
inexpensive building which meets codes. Call me at 516 621-2195
to discuss this.

By the way, we just got a grant to help several schools, including
the Rogers Person Centered School in Budapest, which must also
move at the end of this year.

>Jerry, would like to be listed in your newsletter, and directory. please let
me know how to go about this. Great publication by the way.

To subscribe to AERO-GRAMME just send $15 to AERO, 417 Roslyn Rd,
Roslyn Hts, NY 11577. To subscribe by credit card, call 800
769-4171. There is no cost to being listed in the Almanac
of Education Choices. The Almanac is also available directly
from us now, for $18 plus $3 postage.

Jerry Mintz