Re: Sudbury as community
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 00:57:41 -0400 (EDT)

Can you tell us more about why you have to move and what you are
looking for?

>The Children's School in evanston Il has to move by june. anyone have any
We have to move because the church we have been located in for the last 5
years will need the space that we occupy. Their congregation is growing and
they want their rooms back. we are very sorry to go, the facility has been
great! 2 large rooms and a GYM!. I would advise anyone looking for space to
start with churchs. This one in particular housed a shelter, acupuncurist,
tai chi classes. etc... We have a few alternatives right now but still
looking. Rent is high and tuition needs to stay affordable. Need enough space
for 28 kids and 4 teachers, with room to grow. Any help or advice is greatly
Jerry, would like to be listed in your newsletter, and directory. please let
me know how to go about this. Great publication by the way.