Dirty Fingernails

Coby Smolens (CobyS@msn.com)
Sun, 13 Apr 97 03:58:31 UT

It occurs to me to wonder-how many of the people on this list have any
hands-on, up close experience with a Sudbuy Valley modeled school? Most of
what I've read leads me to believe not many have, disregarding staff/founders
of the SV schools.
I wonder what would happen if all the subscribers to this list (besides those
already associated in some way with the schools) made the effort to give
themselves a little dose of the real thing? Got their fingernails a little
dirty... It's pretty easy to criticize from a cozy, theoretical distance, when
that which is the subject of the critique is a third-hand stretch away from
direct knowledge.
I wrote a couple months back describing a visit to a school and the effect
that had on me. I had gone in entertaining some nagging doubts about the
reality of the shared power structure (where would I find the "man behind the
curtain"), and came out with the most amazing feeling of contentment, and
satisfaction that what sounded pretty good in theory was way better in
That visit, as much as anything else, was responsible for my making the final
decision to leap into the founding business with both feet...