Re: Comparing the Sudbury Model

SwiftRain (
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 02:25:30 -0400 wrote:
> They are free at school in ways which they can't be free in the family
> because they have more choices to do what they want on their own
> without their parents help or input. Of course these things are still
> happeing at home as they should. By going to school the kids have the
> family unit and the school's community and in my opinion it is good
> for them.

This is quite true, but it is not unique to SVS. Any outside
community would serve the purpose just as well.

I have recently read Grace Llewelyn's "Teenage Liberation Handbook,"
and it has pushed my somewhat in the direction of Dale's perspective.
Sudbury Valley DOES put a barrier between its students and the real
world which is not present in unschooling. The question is, is that
barrier good, bad or indifferant?
How many less students would SVS have in the absence of compulsory
attendance laws? From what I have heard from at least the teenagers who
go there, I would suspect quite a few.


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