Re: Comparing the Sudbury Model
Wed, 9 Apr 1997 20:11:19 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Kaleb,

The children of staff have to share their parents with other kids who in turn
don't have to share theirs. The parents are admired as well as criticized in
front of them and it can upset them sometimes. Above all they don't get to
enjoy the privacy (neither do the parents who are staff ) which the school
affords all the other students. Privacy to experiment, to make mistakes, to
be good or bad - without the parents knowing about it. The other kids get to
choose whether to share things with their parents. The staff kids know that
their parents will hear what they do at school without their telling them
themselves. It is a pity but if you are a founder of a school which you get
involved in so that your kids will have a school you believe in to go to you
have no choice. It forces you to work extra hard to give your kids as much
privacy and space as you possible can. The kids still get to be part of the
democratic community and to be free to form its culture as Scott David Gray
explained in a previous post.
They are free at school in ways which they can't be free in the family
because they have more choices to do what they want on their own without
their parents help or input. Of course these things are still happeing at
home as they should. By going to school the kids have the family unit and
the school's community and in my opinion it is good for them.

Hanna from SVS