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> Dale,
> Couldn't agree act, I have argued the same thing myself over the
> years. Never got me anywhere, though! What's been your response?

First Alan it is not my idea. I first heard this idea expressed by
Stephen Arons about 20 years ago at a private school conference here in
Seattle. He wrote many pamphlets on the subject over the years and his
latest book is "Compelling Belief, The Culture of American Schooling."
In 1983 he was an associate professor of legal studies at the University
of Massachusetts, Amherst. I feel guilty when I express this idea
without referencing Stephen Arons.

I am about to leave for a school board meeting in the district where I
run for school board every chance I get and will again in a few months.
If anyone makes an interesting comment on my letter I will tell you all.

But people do not like this idea. Both the conservatives and the
liberals think that the schools are for forcing their "truths" down the
children's throats. Both of them think that if they can just win one
more seat on the school board then...

I think that the above comment can be generalized to many other
political issues beyond education.

But this is not the correct discussion group for me to start rambling on
into the tens of other issues that I think about. But my first love is
education, partially because of its effect on all the others. When
education is goofed up the prisons begin overflowing. And the prisons
are overflowing right now. Dale