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Dale R. Reed (
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 06:15:59 -0700

Mike Sadofsky wrote:
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>My apologies to Dale Reed and to all subscribers to this list.

Thanks Mike. But I am a tough old geezer and you certainly did not hurt
my feelings. And I apologize also for not being more diplomatic.

It is kinda silly for I agree with you "democratic" school people that
humans of whatever age, should not be forced to learn. I suspect all of
us on this list would agree with almost everything John Holt wrote on
education. And we all have a common enemy. I suppose we have been
like the gladiators of old practicing our soldiering skills on each
other in order to better fight our common enemy.

And the common enemy, as Daniel Greenberg has written about so
eloquently about, is the "Goals 2000 Standards" and Certificates of
Masteries coming rapidly down the pike. The common enemy is not just
mandatory attendance but mandatory learning. The homeschoolers, the
private schools and the no schoolers are going to have to work together
if we are to fight off these fascist plans.

Tell what I will do. I will promise to not mention "democracy" again on
this list. Obviously we are using the word differently and I think most
of us understand that now.

Is there is anything else that I appear to have a chip on my shoulder
about that I should not mention again in the interest of peace?

The fact is I have bought tens of copies of some of your literature and
not only handed it out personally to people but have left it in
conspicuous places in the two libraries that are near my home. We
really are on the same side of the fence on most issues. And this is not
a very good medium for pulling each others chains. And as I have tried
to emphasize there is no need, in my book anyway, that we agree on
everything. I enjoy choices and have no intentions of causing you to

I was hoping to learn about your ideas and to help you gird your loins
for the far more serious battles to come. We can agree to disagree as
long as you remain voluntary and I am not forced to pay the bills of
your school or the results of your educational philosophies.

I enjoy having a good argue but I will try to be more careful. At
least for a couple weeks. Dale