Re: Sudbury as community

Dale R. Reed (
Tue, 08 Apr 1997 23:39:53 -0700

Mike Sadofsky wrote:

> Sudbury Valley School is exempt from
> taxation under Section 501 (c) (3) of the internal revenue Code. It
> is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT institution; a deliberate choice by the
> Greenberg's and the many others that set out to establish the school.

Sorry, I was wrong on this one and Mike is correct. I don't know why
someone(Mimsy for instance) did not correct me many months ago when I
made this assumption and expressed it on this discussion list wondering
if it was correct. I have searched my Sudbury literature and cannot
find any mention of 501 or that tax free donations encouraged. Strange
non-profit for all the other ones that have my mailing address are
always asking me for donations but Sudbury does not. That is another
reason I thought it was a for-profit.

> But I wonder why Dale, who writes so frequently and in so much depth,
> doesn't bother to have his facts in order.

OK Mike, you tell me in which of the books and pamphlets that Sudbury
Valley has published it says it is a non-profit school? I have over a
hundred dollars of Sudbury literature and subscribe to your newsletter
but I can't find any mention of this information. Or maybe you do not
brag about it being non-profit for some reason. Where else would I
learn this information except on this list? You were the first one to
tell me.

And now I have to reorient my thinking about the whole subject. That
means that Sudbury Valley does not pay property taxes, etc., etc. guess
I will have to do some serious studying about the advantages that
non-profits have.

Is it written down why "a deliberate choice by the Greenberg's and the
many others that set out to establish the school" this choice was made
in any of the literature or are you willing to enlighten us? Especially
in light that it does not appear that the Sudbury Valley School Assembly
does not appear to encourage donations.

> With these flagrant errors
> on facts so obvious in the Sudbury Valley School literature and in
> this discussion group, it seems to me that Dale Reed lacks
> credibility.

Ah, but now you are here to educate me Mike I will really learn about
what is going on in your democratic school won't I? Then I will have

By the way are you Mimsy's son or husband? Dale