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Dale R. Reed (
Tue, 08 Apr 1997 21:41:54 -0700

Mike Sadofsky wrote:
> On Mon, 07 Apr 1997 22:34:58 -0700, Dale Reed wrote:
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> > That decision making technique of Sudbury Valley's is
> >very charming but is not used to any significant extent in the real
> >world.
> Gee, and I thought democracy was endemic in the developed world and
> the model of choice for people emerging from dictatorship. Perhaps I
> am misreading my news sources.

Or you have not read their constitutions. For instance the U.S.
Constitution says in Article IV Section 4. "The United States shall
guarantee to every state in this union a Republican form of government,
..." And in fact we have a Constitutional Republic with a Bill of
Rights. That is a lot different than a democracy. We get to through
the bums out every few years.

Now maybe you know something about "emerging" countries that I do not.
It is possible that some of the third world countries, or those that
resulted from the break up of the Soviet Union are trying out
democracies. Bet they don't try them out very long, but I would be
interested in being educated on this manner.

And in my business experience as well,
> it seems that organizations that thrive are those that find a means to
> give individuals and groups authority coupled with responsibility.

But that does not make them democratic. In fact if that is what Sudbury
Valley means by democratic, if that is all democratic schools do is
"give individuals and groups authority coupled with responsibility" then
they are only different by degree with the welfare schools. I remember
being elected to many decision making school governments as I attended
the welfare schools. As I remember I was president of my grade school
with some "authority coupled with responsibility" but I thought Sudbury
claimed to be "And Now for Something Completely Different..."

Both Boeing and Microsoft are thriving here in Seattle and neither one
of them is run as democracies. I have stock in tens of individual
companies and I can find no evidence in their yearly reports they are
being run as democracies. Even Coops such as REI here in Seattle has an
elected board of directors that make the big decisions. What successful
companies are you talking about Mike?

Nether the Federal Government's National Bureau of Standards I worked
for in Boulder or the University of Colorado(a branch of a State
Government was run as a democracy. I used to be involved in churches
and they were not democratic.

I am checking up on the non-profit status of Sudbury Valley. Be back to
you later. Dale