Re: Sudbury as community

Mike Sadofsky (
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 02:08:14 GMT

On Mon, 07 Apr 1997 22:34:58 -0700, Dale Reed wrote:

> That decision making technique of Sudbury Valley's is
>very charming but is not used to any significant extent in the real
>world. =20
Gee, and I thought democracy was endemic in the developed world and
the model of choice for people emerging from dictatorship. Perhaps I
am misreading my news sources. And in my business experience as well,
it seems that organizations that thrive are those that find a means to
give individuals and groups authority coupled with responsibility.

>If a school is a place for learning, we are not talking about baby
>sitting here I hope, then I cannot see the advantage of a budding
>engineer having to compromise with half a dozen other students on their
>Algebra teacher. In 1968 sure but not in 1997. If the student wants
>compromising lessons that is fine for a class or two but to spend year
>after year compromising with 50 other children over what facilitators or
>staff(they generally do not "teach" at a Sudbury Valley School but I
>instead appreciate talented teaching) will help him or her learn to
>write interesting papers, or develop their mathematically abilities or
>whatever? I just do not understand why.=20
Apparently Dale fails to comprehend the Sudbury Valley School concept
of individual responsibility. It is the individual student who may
seek a facilitator. There is no reason for anyone who chooses
otherwise to "compromise" as he suggests. And in the choice of staff
to hire, there is no more compromising taking place than occurs in any
business where more than one indivudual may be involved in the hiring

> =
. In fact
>one of the things that attracts me to the Greenberg's is they had a
>choice when they set up Sudbury Valley School, to make it for-profit or
>non-profit and they chose for-profit. I appreciate that and understand
>at least some of the advantages and disadvantages of that decision. =20
And another misstatement. Sudbury Valley School is exempt from
taxation under Section 501 (c) (3) of the internal revenue Code. It
is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT institution; a deliberate choice by the
Greenberg's and the many others that set out to establish the school.

> The problem(one of the problems) with these discussion lists is
>a half dozen of us have been "arguing" these subjects for many months
>and then new ones come in but we can't see them enter and so ... =20
>Anyway as I have repeated many times before I am a libertarian that
>likes lots of choices and Sudbury is another very interesting choice. I
>find it fruitful and enjoyable to discuss the relative merits of the
>many learning environments on line. I have learned a lot from these
>discussions. And I hope I have added another interesting and thoughtful
>point of view also. Dale
But I wonder why Dale, who writes so frequently and in so much depth,
doesn't bother to have his facts in order. With these flagrant errors
on facts so obvious in the Sudbury Valley School literature and in
this discussion group, it seems to me that Dale Reed lacks

Mike Sadofsky
President, Sudbury Valley School Assembly