Re: Comparing the Sudbury Model

Dale R. Reed (
Sun, 06 Apr 1997 20:21:08 -0700

Hanna wrote:
> Dear Coby.

> not the family's skills such as carpentry or putting on make-up ( skills that
> my children enjoyed acquiring in the school), and above all it is a place in
> which they can make mistakes in privacy from their parents. (staff kids
> don't get the latter and it's really bad for them).
That is fine Hanna, but children generally obtain this kind of
attention from neighbors. At least they did when our boys were growing

I thought that Anne made her points well and I agree with them but also
there is an economic issue.

For $3500 or whatever it costs at Sudbury nowadays a homeschooler can
pay for a lot of Violin lessons, math tutoring, time in Cyberspace,
horse feed, a new banjo, and dues in whatever social clubs he or she
wants to join and participate in. Could even pay for a new bicycle to
ride to South America(read "Real Lives," by Grace Llewellyn). And the
homeschooling student gets to chose his or her learning environments and
teachers instead of having to compromise with a school's staff and other

Of course homeschooling was criminal when Sudbury was established in
1968 but this is 1997 and the number of learning environments is rapidly
multiplying. None of us should attempt to limit what kinds of learning
environments will be invented and practiced under the states
homeschooling laws. In fact it maybe time to change the name for
homeschooling is rapidly becoming unschooling and as Anne said it is not
practiced so much at home anymore.