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Sat, 22 Mar 1997 07:29:55 +0000

I agree that your piece is great, a keeper . I would like to clarify,
however, the common misconception that homeschooling takes place in
the home.
You state that
> But unschoolers, for the most part, see the family environment as the
> best place for children to grow, while the Sudbury model believes that, as
> the African proverb states, "It takes a village to raise a child."

As unschoolers we believe that the family is of utmost importance, but
not necessarily more so than people whose kids go to any of the types
of schools described. Many unschooled kids are living and working
within "a village" - within their communities, their social networks,
their extended families, their work/apprenticeship environments, etc.
They do not spend their days at the kitchen table with siblings while
Mom grades their work. Their "village" is not an institution nor is
it their home. Some might argue that their village is, in fact, a
more real "village" than that which can be artificially created in the
school environment.
In the real world they must do all the things you describe -

> to tolerate diversity of opinion, to
speak out against inappropriate behavior, and to develop and carry out
> group projects, for example.

>In most homeschooling families, the parent
> sees him or herself as ultimately responsible for the child's education,
> while at Sudbury schools, that responsibility rests squarely with the
> child.
Many unschooled families see it identically - the responsibility rests
with the child. But it is not responsibility in the onerous sense
that many are accustomed to but rather, a privelege, a right, a
freedom, a joy, etc. Unschooled kids are no less accountable for
their actions in and to the outside world in which they function.
And the ultimate responsibilty is of course the parent's. But isn't
it in any family regardless of the choice of schooling?

I'll duck now.