Re: surfing uncensored
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 22:57:50 -0500 (EST)


The "we" at Sudbury Valley is the School Meeting, an institution whose
business is running and maintaining the school. It is composed of all
students and staff, one person one vote.

The School Meeting is much more interested in having Sudbury Valley stay
alive as a school, in having Sudbury Valley exist as a model, and in the
preservation of it as a place of education for the students in it, than in
taking stands more appropriate to a political action group than a school.
The legalities of politicizing have been well-discussed, and certainly many
schools choose to ignore some of those legalities. We feel we are treading a
fine enough line when we stick up for what we believe educationally and
morally without having to thrust lawlessness into the face of a community
itching to hate us for something anyway, because so many people feel there is
something inherently wrong with so much freedom.

We are very very interested in not being outside the pale -- our best
position for strength, in our opinion, is inside. I can say "we" because
"we" the School Meeting has had long strong debates on many issues that have
legal and political implications and have often reaffirmed our decision to
rock only the important boats -- those important to us as an institution,
that is.

We also don't want to be a place where different political views are
impossible to have, where different religious views make you uncomfortable,
etc., etc. None of this has been swept under the rug or decreed by any
authority within the school.