Re: surfing uncensored
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 13:55:21 -0500 (EST)

Dale wrote:

<< If this is so why did not someone from SVS immediately reply to my posting
that they must observe the laws of Massachusetts which say... and the method
by which they are doing this is... why did not a SVS model school in
California come back immediately and say we must observe the laws of
California, we discuss those laws in the school meeting and then decide how
to obey them while maximizing the freedoms of the students? >>

Dale, I hate to burst your bubble but people from SVS and similar schools are
not just sitting in front of their computers all day just waiting for
questions from you. No one in SVS model schools are obligated to participate
on this list. That some of them find the time to do so amazes me, because I
know from my visit to SVS, as well as my efforts to start a school myself,
that they are incredibly busy. I think most of them have priorities other
than answering the questions you pose, especially when most of the answers
can be found out by reading, and especially since your questions seem to have
the purpose of stirring things up, rather than sincerely seeking out

I appreciate the fact that you are initiating discussions on the list and
certainly you are free to write whatever you want, but if you want responses
to your questions, I might suggest that you reconsider the way in which you
ask them.


Melissa Bradford, LVS