Re: surfing uncesored
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 07:22:30 -0500 (EST)

Dear Wayne,

Why, pray tell, are people so annoyed that no one at SVS bothered to answer
the obvious answer -- we allow no illegal activities at school.

On the other hand, since there is no internet access at school for students
yet, (They, who need to run it, don't seem to care enough to get it together
-- I guess at home internet access satisfies their needs.) the specific issue
doesn't affect us.

X-rated movies would. They can't be shown at school. R-rated movies can.

What I think of censorship doesn't matter here. The school has taken stand
after stand for free speech, but not for ignoring laws.

It is not my impression from having had long discussions with many
homeschoolers that young ones (under 16) are allowed to surf at will
particularly. Most have their time and activities under much more
supervision than that.

It is also not my impression that many of our students, parents, or staff are
fascinated by this maillist. I think it is mostly for others who want to
discuss issues about the school, and that is just fine.

Being told on issue after issue that our stand on freedom for individuals who
are under 21 and our stand on who does or doesn't run the school is being
"tested" by Dale doesn't make me want to write a lot of answers. He is a
self-styled gadfly, who twists other people's words as the spirit moves him
it seems. I leave as many of his innuendoes unanswered as I can bear, and am
often sorry when I _don't_.