hydrochloric name dropping (was: uncensored surfing)

stiobhard (stiobhard@mail.utexas.edu)
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 00:06:51 -0600 (CST)

[Wayne says:]

Okay, so I've never read the anarchist's cookbook. Substitute
any book about genuinely lethal weaponry in its place.

In message Sun, 9 Mar 1997 22:12:49 -0800,
Wayne Radinsky <waynerad@oz.net> writes:

> The reason I say this is misguided is that it distracts from debate
> about the kinds of information that might ACTUALLY be dangerous.
> Things like how to build and use guns and bombs and stuff. I'm
> not saying I believe that the Anarchist's Cookbook should be banned
> from the net, only that THAT's what we should be debating,
> Wayne

[stiobhard says:]

hey wayne, dont get me wrong but,
i just feel that i should point out here that the only thing you will find
in the anarchist's cookbook is a hundred and some pages of misinformation.
you wont find out about guns or bombs or drugs or even anarchism. what is
written there is wrong. at best you will hurt yourself trying to do
something really stupid but more often youll just feel like a dufus for
believing that scam. people who seem to need to know how to build weapons go
to the united states army. theyve had lots of practice. people who think
they can get that kind of information from the so called _anarchist's
cookbook_ dont have any business doing that kind of thing in the first
place. pick any anarchist bookstore and there will not be a copy of the this
crackpot's book to be found. youll have to go to that hotbed of anarchism
like tower books or something... besides if you ask an anarchist they will
probably tell you that government is based on violence, coersion and
agression and must be abolished. no offense to wayne for making this oblique
reference. i just thought that this point should be made very clear.

if anyone cares i believe there is more on this contentious topic on the
spunk press web page.

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