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<<Yeah, it looks great on paper, sounds wonderful
in conversation -- does it really work that way?"

My first visit was to Santa Clara Valley School (write to, where I was priveliged to sit in on the weekly School
Meeting, presided over at this time by a twelve-year-old girl. The
issues on the agenda for that meeting were almost all pertaining to
violent war games on the computer>>

As a parent of a child in a school that has the same basic philosophy as svs.
this post makes me laugh, i am privledged to witness the same meetings at our
school. it makes me proud.
as for censorship, i would say probably the most resistance would be from
parents of the children. i know for a fact that some of the children could
not handle the responsibility of the uncensored net, they would be drawn to
the "bad" parts, and on the other hand there are alot of the kids who would
surf just fine, who don't need to go to the "bad" places.
all i can say is read A.S. Niell "Freedom not License"
now i am babbling but the subject is so much deeper. does anyone know what i