Re: [Fwd: LOGO-L> Papert and the Internet]

Dale R. Reed (
Tue, 04 Mar 1997 07:26:48 -0800

Anne Evans wrote:
> Our school has been dumped for tos
> violations because of lack of censorship.

What does this mean?

> Well, the students did not
> like the result - they were without internet access and had to perform
> all sorts of stunts to get back on and now they monitor each other
> pretty carefully - a hard learning process.

This implies some "rules" exist at your school. Do you claim to be a
SVS Model School a democratic school or a student directed school? What
and where is your school? How were these "rules" created and how are
they changed?

> I do have a system

Implies that your school is run as a benevolent dictatorship, so maybe
this answers my questions above.

> where
> we talk about people who use the internet and sites that are on the
> web and I make it very clear that anyone who is in the slightest bit
> uncomfortable about what is going on the screen knows WHO TO ASK
> FOR HELP OR HOW TO GET OUT OF IT. It is rather like safety training -
> how to say no to unwanted or unsolicited advances - the best help we
> can give as adults is that children learn to protect themselves. We
> don't need to censor but we need to be clear on consequences

Are the "consequences" punishments from the system or self imposed
damage from spending one days "wasting" time? or what? John Holt said
that external discipline never results in internal discipline but you
appear to believe otherwise. I am not sure and am willing to listen to
someone with experience in these matters.

> for
> unacceptable use and there are some imposed on us and we need to be
> sure to protect our children by making sure they know how to handle
> what they may discover much as we teach them about daily life
> experiences.

Anne, I think you made a very interesting posting. But if you have more
time could you clarify a little, actually a lot. Thanks, Dale