Re: [Fwd: LOGO-L> Papert and the Internet]

Anne Evans (
Mon, 03 Mar 1997 12:43:26 +0000

I would like to speak from my teaching experience in an alternative
setting to the subject of intenet censorship which is such a biggie!
The best kind of censorship is that which we (students and teachers
alike) perform for ourselves. I have no hesitation in advocating no
censorship whatever BUT I do believe in discussion of what is
appropriate and what is not - we all need guidance in this sometimes
and also of the consequences. Our school has been dumped for tos
violations because of lack of censorship. Well, the students did not
like the result - they were without internet access and had to perform
all sorts of stunts to get back on and now they monitor each other
pretty carefully - a hard learning process. I do have a system where
we talk about people who use the internet and sites that are on the
web and I make it very clear that anyone who is in the slightest bit
uncomfortable about what is going on on the screen knows WHO TO ASK
FOR HEP OR HOW TO GET OUT OF IT. It is rather like safety training -
how to say no to unwanted or unsolicited advances - the best help we
can give as adults is that children learn to protect themselves. We
don't need to censor but we need to be clear on consequences for
unacceptable use and there are some imposed on us and we need to be
sure to protect our childrten by making sure they know how to handle
what they may discover much as we teach them about daily life