Re: The worst part of censorship is ###########.

Dale R. Reed (
Mon, 03 Mar 1997 08:24:35 -0800

Charlie Wilkinson wrote:
> It would seem that you are implying that SVS-model kids are just that -
> model kids who wouldn't dare look at dirty pictures

I make no assumptions about SVS-model children being any different than
any other children. But I am trying to form the SVS-model clearly in my
mind so I can extend(improve) on the model for the future. I am a
retired engineer and a libertarian so am never satisfied with the status
quo. Always wanting to tweak the knobs.

> and therefore have no need for rules against it.

Now this one I do not understand.

I do not believe it is ever a good idea to make rules against looking at
dirty pictures. I tried to say that in a mentally stimulating,
non-coercive environment like in a SVS-model school, the children have
more interesting things to do than harass the staff and other children
by breaking the rules so I would expect them to have established far
fewer rules. Dale