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Dale R. Reed (
Sun, 02 Mar 1997 20:42:09 -0800

Sam wrote:
> Dale, it seems to me your assumption is foolish.

Foolish like a fox. I was not receiving any answers to my question and
now I am receiving lots of them. I am finding them very interesting and
I expect the rest of you are too.

> We have had many of these violent games come and go on our computers.

My opinion on this issue, is that looking at photos of violence and sex
and whatever gets pretty boring pretty fast to mentally alive humans
that have the freedom to live their lives as they wish. Making a big
deal over it, especially with children, just makes it more exciting to
them so they want to play the sounds louder or print out more color
copies for hanging in more conspicuous places.... This generally makes
the authorities even more agitated resulting in a bigger "problem" than
it would of been if it had simply been ignored, as best it could, in the
first place.

I think that pornography and eating too much rich food and smoking and
drinking and doing drugs and spending too much time on-line
participating in Discussion Lists(OOPS did I say that?)....and all those
other unhealthy things people do with their lives are symptoms of
underlying fundamental problems. They are like canaries in coal mines.

I am pleased to hear that these underlying fundamental problems do not
exist at the democratic schools so through their self chosen democratic
methods they generally decide against censorship. Dale