Sun, 02 Mar 97 18:26:46 -0800


Sam from Sacramento Valley School responding to Dale's assumption:

>But what I really was trying to find out is rather the student directed
>schools on this list censor or let the students surf where they will.
>If no one answers I will have to assume that the schools are not as
>student directed as some of them claim to be. Dale

I was once told, and have come to see the wisdom in it, that people will do as
they will and it behoves us to point out their foolishness so as to place a
guidepost. That guidepost may not prevent them from doing as they will nor
from being foolish, but it does provide a reference for future consideration.

There is little relation between not answering an e-mail post and not being
student directed. As a point of reference, Sacramento Valley School was
somewhat surprised when we heard of Santa Clara's computer game debate many,
many months ago. Surprised that there was a move afoot to prohibit, not that
there were open debates on the issue. We have had many of these violent games
come and go on our computers. Some students and some staff find them obnoxious,
but not to the point of wanting to censor. We have rules against the noise
level that the games can exceed, and the computers are not in the center of a
main area where everyone can't avoid seeing them. People will do as they will,
kids included.

As far as responding because of the school censoring the internet, we can't
really respond from a position of certainty because we currently do not have an
internet connection. It is too cost prohibitive for us at this point. We had a
BBS account at one time, and some may find objectionable content there, but we
did not for a minute censor.

Our reason for not responding would be that we have no point of reference in
regards to internet censorship, not because we are not student-directed.

Dale, it seems to me your assumption is foolish.