Re: [Fwd: LOGO-L> Papert and the Internet]

Dale R. Reed (
Sun, 02 Mar 1997 13:35:13 -0800

Benjamin A. H. Owen of the Salt Lake City Public Library wrote:

> You should know better than to make a statement like that. This is an
> important issue and it deserves intelligent discussion, not false
> generalizations and paranoid accusations.

Well it is happening in our King County Library System(I attend some of
the library board meetings and read all the board meeting minutes) and I
will be interested in what you will have to say a year from now. I talk
to the librarians about the issue and of course they have mixed feelings
but for sure they no longer can claim that that they do not censor.

By the way it is an issue in the public schools also. The new methods
of communicating are going to turn the old institutions on their heads
in America just as it is doing in Russia and all over the world. Power
is being handed to the people including the children. And I thought
that was "alternative" schooling was all about.

But what I really was trying to find out is rather the student directed
schools on this list censor or let the students surf where they will.
If no one answers I will have to assume that the schools are not as
student directed as some of them claim to be. Dale