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Thu, 20 Feb 1997 09:40:12 -0600

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>3. THE SOAPBOX/EVANGELIST QUESTION(S). One of my ongoing concerns, as
>those who have been following this list might have observed, involves my
>ability to explain and promote the model. I am making some progress, as I
>continue to read Sudbury literature and as I'm becoming involved with the
>Liberty Valley School Founders Group. Two quick examples: I am fortunate
>to live a house with several grad students, one of whom takes great
>interest in probing my belief in and understanding of the model; also, I
>just started a dialogue with someone who saw my comments in the Puget Sound
>Community School's electronic Guest Book. Yet this remains a critical
>concern for me, and so I turn to the participants in this discussion: can
>you recommend any more specific things I could be doing to enhance my
>familiarity with the Sudbury model, and more precisely my ability to
>communicate my understanding of it to friends, neighbors, and more random
>encounters? Or is this primarily a function of time (i.e., it will take
>time, I could devote more time to my reading and working, etc.)?

Something I've done to help me begin expressing my beliefs around the topic
of free schooling was to write on-line monolog within my newly created
homepage that summarizes some of my ideas that I'm developing on this topic,
and invites friends or any Web surfers who chance upon my site to explore
the topic themselves via several links that I've provided. Take a look at
it if you'd like. It's at:


Robin Martin
(New homepage! Still under development, but now viewable)