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Wed, 12 Feb 1997 09:05:05 -0600

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>Good morning from Seattle, Washington.
>We are having a little disagreement on another discussion list about the
>attendance policy in Sudbury model schools. I assume that your schools
>are responsible for the safety of the students from the time the parents
>leave them off in the mornings until they are picked up in the evenings.
>So during the school day can the children "sign out" to wander the
>neighborhood, trip to Boston or whatever. Was your usual democratic
>methods used to develop the policy and what effect does your State's
>truancy laws or private school laws or some other laws have on your
>Practically, if someone was sitting across the street from your school
>would they see children(and do you discriminate on the basis of age?)
>leaving and returning to the school property? Thanks for the info, Dale

I am sure you are looking for information than I can offer but check out
"Free at Last". It touches on this subject.
create a great day,