Dale R. Reed (
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 08:09:32 -0800

Good morning from Seattle, Washington.

We are having a little disagreement on another discussion list about the
attendance policy in Sudbury model schools. I assume that your schools
are responsible for the safety of the students from the time the parents
leave them off in the mornings until they are picked up in the evenings.
So during the school day can the children "sign out" to wander the
neighborhood, trip to Boston or whatever. Was your usual democratic
methods used to develop the policy and what effect does your State's
truancy laws or private school laws or some other laws have on your

Practically, if someone was sitting across the street from your school
would they see children(and do you discriminate on the basis of age?)
leaving and returning to the school property? Thanks for the info, Dale