pondering ideas on adult ed related to Alt. ed...

Robin Martin (aglerose@netins.net)
Thu, 06 Feb 1997 19:39:16 -0600

Jerry, what a great idea for a survey, and you sure did a wonderful job of
covering all the bases.

Right now, I'm still working on various educational research projects for
adults. It's rather interesting that while I'm fascinated by alternative
schools and intend to help start one when I have kids some day, formal K-12
research doesn't really interest me. Rather, for me, the exciting ideas in
formal educational research right now (outside of groups like this) are in
the areas of adult education--where they begin with the assumption that the
learners are already free; thus, the models they create are more like what
I'd like to see someday in K-12 public education. Someday, I beleive, the
lines between adult education and K-12 will become blurred, and eventually,
non-existent. Afterall when does one really become adult? Some at 12,
others at 20, others 30--and then, there are people like me who will just
never grow up. :>) IMHO, the kids within free school environments probably
"grow up" faster and become more responsible "like adults" much faster than
other kids, but the process (as well as outcomes) is different for every kid
and every adult. I would be interested in a discussion, from the view of
people involved in alternative education on when do kids become adults? How
does/can one define childhood vs. adulthood? Why do we even bother to set
such artificial boundaries anymore? What would society be like without
those class/age distinctions and boundaries? (Perhaps--like life at Subbury. :)

Also, I had completely forgotten that AERO was the name of your project,
Jerry, and I recently started a project which we've called AEROnline
Directory, but our AERO stands for something different. Guess it's just
good symbolism, huh. Our project is going to be a really cool directory of
online educational resources and unique from other such directories in its
categorical yet non-evaluative rating schema. If anyone is intereted I can
post more info about the project--whose full description will be online in a
couple more weeks.