Re: Charter Legislation
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 12:17:44 -0500 (EST)

Please - I was and am not advocating anything about charter schools. I was
only trying to give accurate information as to what the laws do and do not
allow in at least one state. I actually do believe that such a charter is
possible and have been interested in getting one in the past because I don't
think anyone in the public system will take anything seriously that has only
been tried on a private school basis. However, I think the system is so stuck
in its ways that, at least for now, significant change is highly improbable
if not altogether impossible.

One last little bit on the California law, though. You do not have to be in
the district which charters you. This means you could find a district that
wants to back a really far out experiment and have them charter you. It would
most likely have to be a new school, not a changeover one. The teachers would
probably go along since it would not affect them. And, yes, I think I know
such a district. But it is still totally unlikely to happen.

Don Yates