Re: Toilet Paper and Public Education

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SwiftRain wrote:
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> > I think the founders of this country realized there would be another
> > revolution sooner or later. It appears that the next one will be led
> > by the children and it has already started.
> yay! where do i sign up? ;)
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Will the first step is to surf over the and
sign their proclamation. Then support Sudbury Valley and other
"Alternative" schools you approve of and subscribe to homeschooling
magazines and support children's freedom in other ways. Explain to all
those that will listen that the so-called juvenile delinquents and
drop-outs must of read some Henry Thoreau("Why are you in jail Henry?",
and Henry answered "why aren't you?") or Grace Llewellyn, "The Teenage
Liberation Handbook." or . . . . .

I will tell you one thing. This old geezer only hopes the young adults
have read some Martin Luther King. When I become 65(a little over three
years from now) I intend to get my forehead branded with a SS with a
cross through it to indicate I did NOT sign up for Social Security. I
don't want them hating me. Maybe I will tell everyone that I am
donating my SS "entitlement" to pay off the national debt that I so much
enjoyed running up.

Then we will go on from there. For instance I helped John Holt invent
Homeschooling 20 years ago, I run for the local school board every
chance I get and write lots of Letters to Editor and spend hours on
these discussion lists, and . . . . . all attempting to spread the
children's and young adult's viewpoint as best I can understand it.
The revolution started back in 1968 at the opening of Sudbury Valley or
even before that at Sommerhill but then continued significantly when
John Holt gave up on the pubic schools.

Like I said the revolution is in process all you have to do to is decide
which role or roles you want to play. There is plenty of work to be
done. In fact as I said the next 20 years are very very critical as to
whether we cycle through a "Brave New World"(Aldous Huxley),
"1984"(George Orwell) and/or a "This Perfect Day"(Ira Levin) or are
have returned to the American Constitution as the founders intended it
to be interpreted.

Its up to you and me and the present generation of school age
children. Dale