Re: speaking of Highland...

Dale R. Reed (
Sun, 02 Feb 1997 22:18:33 -0800

Robin Martin wrote:

<snip> In particular, I'm wondering how
> Highlander or any similar such schools might be integrating Sudbury-type
> models, as well constructivist learning models (such as Papert's ideas with
> Logo) into models, paradigms, and philosophies for educating ADULTS (or more
> appropriate--to guide adults toward educating themselves).
> Robin Martin
> Des Moines Iowa
> ISU Student in Adult Education

I thought you all would be interested in Brian Harvey's URL and writings
about his experiences teaching high school not very far from Sudbury
Valley School a few years ago. Brian is one of the world's authorities
on the LOGO code and the use of it to provide thinking excercises. I am
using it in an attempt to improve my thinking abilities.

Robin, since I am almost 62 I guess that would be called Adult

If any of you want to know more about LOGO I have a Word.doc already
created for another discussion group that I will be happy to send you if
you just whistle. Dale