Re: Dbyates on CA Charter Schools

SwiftRain (
Sun, 02 Feb 1997 12:37:03 -0500

Dale R. Reed wrote:
> In the modern world young adults and older ones must demonstrate their
> abilities via written tests and I think the skill of taking tests can
> be learned best by taking lots of tests with possibly some helpful
> advice(teaching) by a accomplished test taker.

this may or may not be true, but regardless of whether it is "important"
to learn how to take tests, it is best if SVS-model students are not
forced to take them.
if it is necessary to require a limited number of tests in order to
accomidate the school system, and therefore create a school that would
otherwise not exist, it may be acceptable if not ideal.

but anyone who takes the model seriously should not be suggesting that
it is a good thing that the schools are requiring testing. i do not
even believe it would be a good thing if a democratic school were to
require people to be literate or know basic mathematics.
people are capable of deciding what they should know for themselves.


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