Re: Three Threads in a Fountain

Jim Rietmulder (
Fri, 31 Jan 1997 08:21:04 -0800

Melissa wrote...

>According to Illinois law, a charter school must demonstrate "rigorous
>academic standards".

Here in Pennsylvania the last proposed charter school legislation required
that charter schools be subject to the same curriculum requirements and
other regulations that government schools are subject to. To public
policymakers, the idea of the charter school is to test out ideas that could
be applied in government schools. Built on this foundation, charter schools
are deliberately and systemically unable to try anything that would require
a change in government school curriculum and regulated practices. Feels
like trying to stike a match underwater.

>The charters are also under control of the local school district. Can you
>imagine a school district actually allocating money for a Sudbury school?
> That would be the day!

Ditto in Pennsylvania. Both the concept and implementation of charter
schools effectively block any hope of innovation.

>In addition, the charter schools must have certified public school teachers.
> (This was forced in by the teachers unions.)

Again, ditto in Pennsylvania.

Jim Rietmulder