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Thu, 30 Jan 1997 17:15:22 -0500

i've changed the subject back to what it was originally. (sorry, btw, to
scott for neglecting to remove the spamblock from my from header.)

Bruce L. Smith wrote:
> In my incomplete and formative view, it would appear that the
> mechanism through which the Sudbury model will spread is
> reform-by-example. In other words, there exists a microcosm-macrocosm
> structure to reform, which holds that society at large should no more
> be forcibly told what is "right" than a student should be told what
> they "must" learn.

that is very noble, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working.
SVS has had several decades to serve as an example that its ideas are
valid, and it has been almost completely ignored.

if the SVS model were merely being scorned by traditional education and
rejected by the majority of the people, i would say that it is just a
matter of time before people begin to accept the idea. people always
reject new ideas at first, etc etc.
it is the fact that so few people have *heard* of SVS that makes me
sceptical of whether/when it is going to eventually be accepted.

> Here's one piece of "evidence and logic" for you: who will say that
> the current system works well, or as it should? Nobody!!!

i don't know about that.

i mean, as far as the educational system itself, the buildings and
teachers, the classes, what the students are being taught, yes almost
everyone will agree with you. there it's obvious.

but in terms of the basic method -- the idea that the best way to learn
something is to be told by an authority -- the people will agressively
defend the system.

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