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Bruce L. Smith wrote:
> I believe that traditional education is "appropriate" for nothing but
> socialization/indoctrination and training. That's certainly all I saw
> in my five years as a public educator. The few students who readily
> adapt to the system, the overly tractable...those I worry about.

alright, i agree with you.

or at least... i would like to agree with you. it certainly seems that
way to me. but on the other hand, we have quite a few million otherwise
rational people who insist that there is value in traditional education.

it is easy to dismiss an idea as irrational, unfounded or dogmatic when
only a small number of people believe it -- but what evidence or logic
can we offer to people that will overcome the weight of the opinion of
such a vast majority?

what can be the explanation for a world in which only a tiny percentage
of the people support the most valid opinion?

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