Re: Multiplication Tables
Wed, 8 Jan 1997 19:39:18 -0500 (EST)

Hi Dale -
I will try to answer what I think is your question - my interpretation of the
question behind the many examples you gave is, "Do students at SVS type
schools get the help they want to do the things they want to do?" (let me
know if I got this right). I spent 3 years as a staff member at Cascade
Valley School, and I can answer you based on that experience. At CVS, any one
of the students in your examples would have been able to find someone to give
them some kind of help doing what they wanted to do. At the very least, they
would have been able to get help from a staff member (giving what help that's
asked for that's possible to give is one of the parts of the job) and there
may well have been other students interested also. There may not have been
other students interested, however, and it is also possible that none of the
staff members would have been able to give quite the help the student was
looking for (being but mere, limited humans). Hopefully, if the student
wanted help looking outside the school for more assistance, a staff member
would have been able to provide that. The energy for all of this does need to
come from the student, however, and some passions call up more energy than

As regards the specific question of the multiplication tables: in my 3 years
at CVS, a surprising number of students asked me for help doing what looked
to me like really boring, rote, totally-traditional-school-type math
exercises - but nobody actually asked me for help in memorizing the
multiplication tables. I can't speak for any other staff, but that was my
personal experience.