Re: First Amendment

Thu, 19 Dec 96 11:49 CST

Dale, when I was a child I hated spelling, math and wood-chopping. If I
went to Sudbury Valley I would bake cakes. This may have entailed some
math and reading, but I assure only coincidentally. And by the way, I am
30 years old this year, and took the opportunity to climb the Beech tree
at Sudbury Valley this summer and I can confidently say that those who
think twice have good reason to do so!

Adventure and meaningful education should not be defined by meeting
others expectations of what is difficult. One of the things I have
discovered as an adult who was not given the freedom to determine what
to do with the 5 billion hours my "official schooling" consumed is that
it takes a while to firgure out which challenges are hardest to meet and
worth meeting. I have an office mate who kills plants by just looking at
them. She is 40 years old,&by-gum she wants to learn to care for those
plants like no body I know. She buys a plant that is 2 inches tall and
3 weeks later she is wondering if it needs trans- planting. A leaf falls
off and she suspects affids or fungus. She is trying really hard and
learning. For me the whole situation is unfathumable. I have 50 plants
at home and 20 at the office--its like breathing, I don't even think
about what I do for my plants we have been with each other for so long
it seems like second-nature to me.

As for all that hiking and nature and stuff, maybe that would interest
me, but maybe I would rather spend an afternoon using hardened green
goop and shredded metal junk to make some kind of sculpture or
something. Is this relevant to goodness or fitness or friendliness...
no. A truly free environment doesn't require a connection between the
two. -Kirsten