Re: Teaching Responsibility

Dale R. Reed (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 17:39:48 -0800 wrote:
> Dear Dale,
> What is the problem? People everywhere, in groups and singly, take courses,
> study subjects, do what they want. What we say is the school has no imposed
> curriculum. And it doesn't. Anything anyone wants to impose on him/herself
> to structure his/her own time is their business.

I think I have finally got the message!

Here is the way I intend to (unless you advise me otherwise) express my
interpretation of the mission of the Sudbury Valley School model:

It is the intention of Sudbury Valley Schools to extend the
protections of the U.S. Constitution to their students.

What do you all think?

I am also interested in how would those that do not live in the U.S.
would word a one sentence description of what the Sudbury Valley Schools
are all about.