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>>Judith wrote:
>> As you probably have now realized, "The Season of Imagination" is not a
>> book. I just enjoyed it........thought others might also.
Dale said:
>I liked it and will read it a few more times to better understand it.
>Surfed back to the closer to home URL
> from which the
>Season came and found:
>..... The Kamana Naturalist Training Program ........
>What I want to know is .......
>students then be TAUGHT a CURRICULUM?
Reply from Judith:
Perhaps, the difference between what SVS does and a "set curriculum" is; it
is not chosen by others or rather preordained or pursued as "one size fits
all" attitude.

In, "Free At Last", it talked about teaching math using a book (or
curriculum by which the definition I am using: being a course of study)
printed back in the late 1800 (don't quote me -- I don't have a mind for
dates). There was no objection to using this method (curriculum) ..... the
children asked this man to teach them math and this is what he chose to use.

It's about both parties equally participating in making an agreement. The
who, where, what, when and how is part of the agreement. Be it whatever.

Dale said:
> So the Sudbury model school students ...... will have chosen to violate the
>basic premises ........
from Judith:
If I understand correctly, there is no violation. This agreement or
contract can be breached by either party without any violation, penalty or
misgivings .......that is also part of the agreement.

Dale said:
>This Wilderness School is TEACHING RESPONSIBILITY ...........
>From Judith:
Perhaps its just a case of semantics, but
>The three 'trails' of the program lead you on a journey of awareness
and >sensory skill development ............
the word "lead" was used not taught. Journey of awareness to me means a
path to which one could possibly become aware; a passage from unawareness to
awareness, from undeveloped sensory skills to developed sensory skills but
only to the extent by which an individual can become "aware" or "developed"
on their own (and possibly through some specific exercise and/or with
someone assisting them toward their discovery). Not everyone will reach the
same heighth of awareness and sensory development even then -- in other
words, it's a personal process.

Responsibility may be an asset derived from the journey and perhaps it can
be claimed that it is taught but I think it is discovered through intrinsic

Many lesson are taught in life but not all of them are learned.

>From Dale:
>Difficult to be as simple............
>From Judith:
Anything can be made complicated......most things when understood become
simple. (or at least less complicated.)

Thoughts "simply" stated,