Re: some questions regarding the SVS model vs traditional schooling

Dale R. Reed (
Wed, 04 Dec 1996 21:30:31 -0800

Swifty wrote:
> in your experiance with SVS-model schools, is above average
> intelligence/creativity required to succeed? do these schools fail to
> effectively educate students who are less intelligent or academic?

Hey Swifty welcome aboard. SVS does not educate students. The students
are given the opportunity to educate themselves at SVS.
> are graduates of SVS-model schools able to cope with the demands of
> college and the workplace better/worse/the-same/just-differantly than
> students of traditional schools?

I think the evidence shows that the graduates of SVS-model schools do
far more than cope. Those that took responsibility for their own
learning and lives while at Sudbury are doing very well in all the
various workplaces they have chosen for themselves. Go to your library
and look up books about Sudbury. Most of them were authored by Daniel
> i would appreciate any ideas you have about these, or other aspects of
> the success of the SVS model relative to traditional schooling...
> ...even if you don't feel they are appropriate to distribute to the
> list, i.e. if the topic has been covered here before (which i imagine it
> might have been), i would appreciate comments/replies at
> :)

Surf over to for more info. Write to
the school or visit the school. Good luck Swifty in your search for
yourself. Its not easy with all the distractions of the modern world.