Re: Responsible?

Dale R. Reed (
Wed, 04 Dec 1996 07:15:16 -0800

Good morning from Seattle,

By coincidence the December issue of the Institute of Electrical and
Electronic Engineers(IEEE) has an article about Engineering Ethics which
of course is all about responsibility. I would simply send you the URL
but you can't get into the article without knowing all the code words
and it would not be responsible of me to give them to you. Ha! I wonder
who taught me that because for the greater good it would clearly be
better if I did give you my secret passwords.......

Anyway I have experimented with the article and just sent it to myself
and it arrived back in my Inbox complete with all its *html colors and
hot buttons. Its a little long so I don't know whether it would be
responsible for me to broadcast it to all of you or to just return your
requests one by one. So for now if anyone wants a copy complete with
the IEEE code of ethics send be an E-Mail and I will send it on its way
to you one by one.

Since the IEEE is a democratic organization I will apply my considerable
political skills(I am trying to be funny) to cause it to change its
policies and allow access to at least some articles(for instance this
one on ethics) to the general public. Seems to me to be the responsible
them to do. Dale