Tue, 03 Dec 1996 14:30:41 -0500

This is a very interesting conversation however sometimes wordy.

I would like to bring a different point of view in from a book called "Zen
and the art of motorcycle maintenace." Without giving away too much of the
story the writer tells of his own experiences in his search for the meaning
of "quality." Robert Pirsig, the writer, pushed himself to madness using logic
and definitions to understand a highly relative issue - quality.

It's my impression that we might be having fun talking about the definition of
a responsible person, but our answers which will only be temporary are not
tools. What can definitions be used for in education other then to limit our
own understanding? In other words... If we say: a responcible person is this.
then we are limiting our understanding.

By the way, this discussion is very interesting.