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I am a student looking to graduate in a year or so, and starting to
think a little about the education of the kids i hope to have.

I have read about Sudbury valley on the web, and have been impressed,
and intrigued by the whole idea. It makes me wish i could have gone to
a school like that. I have definately pulled a few all nighters to
"learn" stuff that i couldnt tell you half about now. I do have a
couple reservations about the school, and similar schools that i am
hoping can be put to rest by members of this mailing list.

First, I competed in many many sports on the grade school, and high
school level. That is something that i would not trade for a million
dollars. The lessons i learned in teamwork, and comradare (excuse the
spelling) I cherish today. I still think about the times i shared on
and off the court with my teamates. I worry that this is something that
my children would miss out on at a school like that. How can this be
replaced. What type of competive spirit can be built in athletics at a
school like that. Is there any inter school leagues with similar
schools, or is there no competitive sports played if you go to a school
such as Sudbury Valley....

Another question i have is about college. How do universities look at a
diploma from an institution such as svs? Is it just the same... i know
schools looked for certain things, a certain level of math, a certain
amount of foreign language training. Do you get these, and how do you
show colleges that you have them. I understand the way your school
works, or at least i am begining too, but what do you say when a school
asks for you GPA or what level of math did you complete. This is
important to me in that i have chosen a technical field in engineering,
and i would like that to be available to my children if they so choose.
Do you have the ability at svs, or any school similar to teach high
level mathematics in high school, such as calculus? This may not be
important to my child when they get to that level, and may choose a
totally different path, but should they want a technical career i would
like it to be available...

looking forward to response.....