Re: Responsible People
Mon, 2 Dec 1996 01:36:27 -0500

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<< But I do remember my Dad telling me to straighten up my shoulders(I am
still stoop shouldered) and Mom kept telling me to chew my food(I still
have more important things to do than eat leisurely meals). So my
parents did try to teach me by instruction and example to improve even
these basic skills.
(Though it seems that their teaching had little effect.)

Seriously, I love to teach. I do it all the time in very deliberate ways and
I get paid well to do it. (I work more with adults than with kids these
days, hence the "well paid" part.) I get a kick out of helping my 10 year
old figure out a math concept or my 17 year old to write a college admission
essay. These are all examples of skills teaching, or training as some would
call it. It is certainly a time-honored method (one of many) of acquiring
various skills and knowledge.

What I don't believe can be taught, but can only be "caught" or developed by
the individual themselves, are the important things: responsibility,
compassion, courage, honesty, etc. Yes, models are great, but a model is
one who acts out of their own beliefs, values, and skills for their own
purposes, not with the primary intent to inculcate their beliefs, values, or
skills into others.