Re: Responsible People
Sun, 1 Dec 1996 17:12:32 -0500

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<< Closer to home I assume that most of you believe that a father has a
responsibility to not only financially support the raising of his
children but also give to give his children and their mother
considerable love and attention. I submit that most young men would not
understand their responsibilities without considerable teaching from
their wives. I do not think these responsibilities to his family simply
occurs to most men. I know for sure that the state attempts to teach,
and if that does not work, to force men to live up to their family


What most young men need to be taught are skills, not responsibility. The
fact that they don't know these skills is due in no small part to society and
its schools squashing of boys natural sense of empathy, etc. and denying them
the positive opportunity to express their caring and nurturing sides without
being called "wimps", "fags", etc.

A place like Highland or SVS can help such boys heal themselves, as can their
wives and friends later in life. What it shouldn't try to do is to replace
one set of canned notions (eg-boys don't play with dolls") with another
(eg-"boys must play with dolls") in the name of "teaching responsibility".

Alan Klein